The day after


Simon, my parents’ cat, was on a quest for turkey last night. Enthralled by the idea of a bird larger than himself, he stalked that platter all through dinner, little gray nose sniffing the air feverishly. Even after the turkey platter had been removed to the kitchen and its remains packed safely in the fridge, Simon, undeterred, sat patiently at the dining room table just in case we might bring the turkey back for another round.


Hope springs eternal.

Anyway, we had a really nice time at my family thanksgiving in Richmond. We watched the parade and some of the dog show, had a scrumptious dinner, and then watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation while dinner settled.

Today we went out to lunch with some cousins of ours at the P.F. Chang’s at the Stony Point mall. I can’t believe we went to a mall. First time I can remember ever going to a mall on Black Friday, but it wasn’t bad at all. Plenty of parking spaces!

And now, the Christmas season, pretty much my favorite time of year. I am promising myself to just have fun with it this year. The tentative to do list:

  • Watch The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Host a cookie party. Or at least bake and decorate my own cookies.
  • Put up the tree of course.
  • Go to some kind of performance or illumination. Lighting of the Lawn maybe, or a choral concert.
  • Make a gingerbread house?
  • Donate toys or food to a local charity.
  • Listen to The Nutcracker.
  • Make a gift or an ornament.

A cupful of hope

img_0947Look at my new winter woodland mug. Isn’t it adorable? Doesn’t it seem like those gnomes and cute forest critters could make anything better, even a Presidential election gone horribly awry? We had our first hot chocolate of the season last night, with a splash of Kahlua, while watching an old black-and-white movie as the wind whipped the trees outside. Finally it began to feel like the holiday season really is coming, and that made me feel just a teensy bit more hopeful about the future. We still have much to be thankful for and much to celebrate, and if nothing else, this election has helped to shine a spotlight on all the work we have left to do, and there is nothing like clarity to help you get things done.

We had a nice mini-break in Richmond with my parents, who took some rather bulky and unnecessary furniture off our hands. They are kindly giving us a bookcase instead of the antique secretary that’s been cluttering up our living room. We went out to the movies on Friday night to see Arrival, which was a great sci-fi thriller. Definitely a thinking person’s movie, as I’m sure I would not have grasped what was going on if I hadn’t taken Intro to Literary Theory in college and learned a smattering of semiotics.